Greg, Rowena, Ginger (the dog) and our home:)

Greg, Rowena, Ginger (the dog) and our home:)

My life is a random as this blog; making a home in Ethiopia, tiny living adventures in a bus, faith in the midst of doubt, bravery through brokenness, the expat experience, cooking from scratch. I have tried to have a central message for my blog or brand it better but just as I am honing in on what I want my blog to be about my life changes and my message and branding fly out the window. In this next season, I have decided to just embrace the randomness of my life— the uncertainty and ambiguity that we have found ourselves thriving in (sometimes crying in). I have decided to just go with the fact that I am all over the place and I love it most of the time.

I am a writer, mother, wife, cook, wannabe yogi and I have surfed twice. I can be as messy as my baby and as organized as my mom (who alphabetizes the baby books). I prefer slow over fast. I love wine and working-out usually in reverse order. I am a low level-hermit that has a lot to say. I am trying to become a morning person since my baby is but somehow I just find myself starring blankly at the coffee pot at 6am in the morning. My puppy drives me absolutely crazy but she completes our little family. Sometimes I love not knowing what is around the corner and other days I just want to hide in my bed until the way is clear. Our baby Rowena River is a miracle straight from heaven and I can’t imagine doing life without her.

I have made more mistakes than you can imagine. I thought my life had floated out past the point the redemption and then God swooped in to save me from myself (Yes! True story for another day). I am a walking miracle and testament to the resurrection power of Christ in our lives and that is my central message— the common thread in my life. And there is one thing I want; for everyone to encounter redemption and grace as I have. That is why I have written a book to tell my story and I am currently trying find the right avenue for publishing. Some days I love my book and can’t wait for the world to read what God has done and other days I want to hide the book in a far away place because I am overcome by fear and shame.

But here I am; still writing, still learning, still becoming and being made brave daily in the hope of Christ in my life. Thanks for reading and following along.

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