I am Elizabeth J. W. Spencer and this is my husband Greg. 

We live in Mekelle, in the arid highlands of Northern Ethiopia where my husband manages a clean energy company that manufactures wood-burning cook stoves. Mekelle, a culturally preserved and sizeable city, is located close to the Eritrean border. In Mekelle, I buy local because that all there is and I am an avid cook because its the only sustainable dining option. I travel with my husband to remote desert towns promoting stoves to the locals and I write about the grace that has been birthed in my life through loss, rejection and my own humanness.

  Meet our puppy Ginger!  And our very yellow house.

Meet our puppy Ginger! And our very yellow house.

This blog is my journey through brokenness to the bravery I never thought I had. I started writing as a way to heal and understand my own story; connecting the scattered dots of my life. A year and half ago my story seemed past the point of redemption; reeling from fatal rafting accident and an abusive relationship, I left Malawi, THE place I lived, worked and loved, to seek healing. I looked at a blank piece of paper unsure of where to begin, but there was story in my heart and I had to find the courage to get it out. It is the story of how the Lord rescued me from myself and from my shame, setting me on a rock that is higher.

A lot has happened since I first turned to writing. The man who past in the rafting accident had haunted my dreams and day dreams, but in a miraculous encounter he became my guardian angel. I married a man that has been a physical manifestation of my Holy and heavenly redemption, finding me and calling me home. I packed up all my belongings and moved back to Africa, only this time to Ethiopia. But most importantly, the Author of life hunted me down with his love and rescued me in his grace, making me brave. Brokenness still takes up residence close to the surface of my soul some days, but healing and redemption are alive and at work within me.

These are my stories, past and present, to inspire your own brave story.




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