The Love of Broken-Equals: 3 Part Mini-Series.

“If there was ever a meeting of broken-equals, redeemed and renewed partners and assured futures, this was the meeting.” –Dear friend in reference to our marriage & wedding.


This whole year, as I have been writing this blog, there was an underlying story I was silent on because it was too precious, sacred and fragile to utter or write a word about. Now, joy has overcome me to the point that I can’t hold back the love that has hunted me down and captured me in the middle of Africa.

This is a story of a love that came softly and then suddenly, mingled in the details of a wedding that signified redemption for me.

I hope you feel the grace in my words as I recount the hope and fullness I have experience these last 13 months from a man named Greg and a Father who is now and forever.

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