The Secret to Preserving Family Happiness

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Nowadays, when the divorce rate is higher and higher, couples are more interested in the secrets of preserving family happiness. So how do you have a marriage “heaven and earth” decades do not fade?

Essentials of a happy family

People say: Men build houses, women build homes. However, it is not just that the outside is for the man, the whole thing goes home to his wife.

Marriage is a two-tailed string. No matter how tightly you hold it, the other end cannot follow. Or if one end is too relaxed, the other end is not enough to pull all the way.

The secret to keeping family happiness is to cultivate together and work hard together. Marriage is having to give and take, not just being clear, but just right for both.

11 secrets of family happiness you need to know

Knowing the key of marriage, smart wives will apply these techniques to always keep their husbands.

Controversy properly

It is said that there are still voices on the table when they clash, let alone husband and wife share the same house. To keep a controversy from becoming tense and noisy, remember the following rules:

  • No profanity
  • Don’t call the other person disrespectful names
  • Avoid interrupting the other person’s statement
  • Don’t start a conversation when you are “mad at”.
  • And when things get more complicated, try to pause the “fight” so you both have time to cool down, to avoid letting anger control your words and behavior.

Respect your spouse

It’s not because the two are married that you can allow yourself to be superficial and carefree in the way you communicate. The words “thank you”, “I can help you …” will make your spouse see that you respect, love him and appreciate what he does for you.


Couples now have a growing tendency to “hesitate” to communicate with each other. They can sit for hours surfing the internet or chatting on Facebook. However, he couldn’t find 10 minutes of talking to his partner.

Let’s talk. Although it is not very interesting issues such as money, religion, parenting, work … These stories are of great value to bring the two together.

Solve each other’s problems together

Getting married means you are doing a “merger”. You not only contribute to your property, but also inherit the problems of others.

Instead of considering your husband’s problems as a personal matter that he has to arrange for himself, you should include it into something that you both need to solve.

For example, your husband needs to lose weight . Don’t say he has to go on a diet and get up early to run, sign up for a gym session for both of you.

Compromise together

No one likes being forced to do something but everyone makes a compromise. If you want your husband to do something he doesn’t like, the secret to keeping your family happy is making an easy deal.

For example “I will turn on the soccer channel now but then you have to let me choose the movie I like!”.

Give each other new things

A marriage without contradictions and arguments, but should not be kept the same from day to day. It will lead to boredom and dissatisfaction.

That is why fresher relationships are so attractive and draw men away from their families.

Try creating new things like having dinner at a strange restaurant, or going on a trip together to a new land. The discoveries and experiences two people make together will help bring sharing and closeness.

Experience hobbies together

Find a sport or hobby that you both enjoy together. Camping, cycling, swimming, gym … anything as long as you both like it.

These events will bring two people together in sharing a common interest.


Laughter is the best medicine to correct all mistakes. Learn to laugh at yourself and laugh at blunders.

If your husband fades your newly bought white shirt, a smile is better than a week’s rage. It’s just a shirt, not the end of the world.

Make regular appointments

Come up with a “ritual” of two people and always perform it at all costs. You can always kiss goodnight at night. Or stay up late to talk on the last day of the month

In addition, going out to eat and watch movies on the second Thursday of every month or have sex 3 times a week… are also interesting suggestions.

That is, whatever makes a couple amused. Never let it go, whether it’s arguing or just being lazy.

Don’t be afraid to seek advice

When life is tense between a couple, don’t be afraid to seek outside help. Whether it’s advice from a psychiatrist or a family happiness professional.

Wise advice from people with experience will surely be better for your marriage to be more successful and sustainable.

Away will ignite the flame of love

You should maintain friendships with girls from high school or college. Occasionally go out with friends or take vacations with colleagues at work.

Going out without a husband will help you miss him better. If not then at least you will have a good time with your friends to come back fresh and full of life.

Building a marriage is difficult, keeping a marriage lasting is even more difficult. A happy marriage doesn’t just need honesty, respect, and skill. It also needs skills and art for both husband and wife.

Hopefully, with the 11 above-mentioned tips to preserve family happiness, your marriage will always be strong over time.