Will My Milk Supply Decrease If I Only Pump?

Will My Milk Supply Decrease If I Only Pump

The wonderful and blessed feeling for women in this world is experiencing motherhood. You feel joyful, empowered, and fulfilled, at the same time unprepared for the things that follow. Being a mom changes your life completely, giving a significant change in the way you look upon things psychologically.

One of the major roles played by a mother is nursing the baby. Nursing starts within an hour of the baby’s birth and continues as per its needs. Breast milk protects the baby against various kinds of infections, improves the baby’s immune system, and is easily digestible.

In that context, breast pumps have become a boon to mothers to provide breast milk to their babies when they cannot nurse them and are far better than supplementing with formula. Breast pumps always help in the stimulation of milk production and improves milk supply. You should do pumping at least 8 times a day, resulting in an increased milk supply.

Best breast pump for low milk supply

Choosing the right pump and pumping equipment is very important, as every mom has a unique body type, needs, and follows a different lifestyle. You should use a model that can customize for its suction strength and speed along with a pair of breast shields that fit well for a better experience. By following this, they can have a painless and best breast pump for low milk supply.

One can increase milk supply with a breast pump by following a list of factors, which include the frequency of pumping sessions, pumping after nursing, pumping in the morning, etc.

Will My Milk Supply Decrease If I Only Pump

Pumping Techniques

We have recommended many techniques of pumping to improve new mom’s milk supply.

Cluster Pumping

Cluster pumping is the method of pumping more often, i.e., pumping for about 5-15 minutes repeatedly with a 5-10 minutes break for an hour or more.

Power Pumping

Power pumping is like cluster pumping, in which an on-off cycle of pumping and break is done for 10 minutes for an hour.

By following these techniques, the body responds to the increased demand by producing more milk.

Double Pumping

We would have noticed the other breast leaking when one breast is pumped. This suggests that pumping both breasts at the same time increases stimulation leading to higher milk production when compared to pumping one breast at a time. It also reduces the time spent on pumping.

Pumping after nursing

Pumping immediately after nursing is a natural way to improve milk supply. This stimulates the body to produce more milk even after the baby has been fed. Initially, there may be a decrease in secretion, but once the body gets the signal, the milk production will accumulate.

Pumping in the morning

The quantity of milk secretion is usually high in the morning, so we recommend it to try pumping in the mornings to increase milk supply.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking adequate amounts of water and other fluids help to stay hydrated, leading to a better supply of milk. Is better to have a practice of drinking water after every pumping.

So, with all the above information, it should convince you that pumping leads to the stimulation of milk leading to better milk supply. By using the right pump, we can pump the milk directly into bottles by connecting it to the pump, which will be very convenient.

The more you pump, the more the demand, more production of milk will be stimulated. So in choosing the best breast pump, you can be easily able to fulfill the requirement of your little precious babies. Ensure the comfort feel of you too while choosing the right product.

Will My Milk Supply Decrease If I Only Pump

Benefits of using Breast pumps

Using a breast pump is beneficial because of many reasons:

  • Pumping stimulates milk production and increases milk supply, which is sometimes recommended by doctors as well.
  • Pumping is very helpful in case of painful and engorged breasts.
  • With a working mom or in situations where she has to spend time away from home, it becomes impossible to nurse the baby. If that is the case, using a breast pump is the best alternative, which is much better than feeding a formula. Pumps let you pump the milk and store it for later use.
  • It is unnecessary for the mother to be always around during the feeding time if the milk is pumped and stored in bottles.
  • Pumping will be a boon in case the mom has to stop nursing the baby because of some unavoidable reasons (e.g., medication). In these cases, you can store the milk for later purposes if the baby needs it.
  • Another important benefit of using a breast pump is that we get to know the amount of milk the baby gets, which is not possible is breastfeeding.

Will My Milk Supply Decrease If I Only Pump

Maintenance of Breast Pumps

Checking the condition of the breast pump regularly is very important to avoid milk leaks and contamination. You should maintain the cleanliness of the equipment with the utmost care (cleaning the whole equipment properly, replacing the required parts, sterilizing it well, and sanitizing it well, especially if the baby is less than three months). Even the bottles used should be washed well with a brush and sterilized well.


The best breast pump for low milk supply can easily rectify the lactation issues. Selecting the right pump that suits you is very important, being the reason many moms are unsuccessful with breast pumping. It is essential that pumping should be done regularly and effectively to improve and maintain milk supply, even where the baby is not having it completely.

Diet plays a very important role not only in the mom’s nourishment and baby but also in the stimulation and supply of milk. It is important to maintain a proper, balanced diet providing the essential nutrients and minerals. It is important to add some extra calories to the diet to have a better milk supply. Hope this article assists new moms with clarity in the methods of pumping which helps and hygienically supports you.